The Menace's Gift Milk Soaking Salts

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"Snow and Rose didn't know they were living in a fairy tale - people never do." - Snow & Rose by Emily Winfield Martin.

From the Living in a Fairytale Collection inspired by the book Snow & Rose by Emily Winfield Martin

The Menace’s Gift – Snow asks for a gift instead of an answer & The Menace of the Woods presents a miniature cake with violet icing. As she dines on the sweet confection, it turns to dead leaves right before her eyes.  Sugared violet petals, French vanilla and dried leaves. 

Notes: sugar, violet, French vanilla, oak

Prepare to relax with these super indulgent milk soaking salts.  Chock full of skin-loving and soul-relaxing ingredients for the most relaxing bath ever!  8 oz safety sealed jar.

- Dead Sea Salt: mineral rich salts that may make it easier to relax & sleep

- Coconut milk powder: soothe, moisturize and combat dryness

- Epsom Salt: relax, soothe and may relieve sore joints & muscles

- Colloidal Oatmeal: cleanse & lock in moisture

- Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda): detox & silky skin

- Dendritic Salt: holds the fragrance and acts as a preservative

- Citric Acid: provides the fizz, rejuvenate

- White Kaolin Clay: a gentle detox, cleanse, exfoliate & absorbs oil

- Fragrance

- Color (mica and/or pigments)

- Polysorbate 80: emulsifying agent, helps keep color from staining tub

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